Our Spirit

Aroma Craft Coffee believes in bringing back the basics. We are proud to align our beverage business with local dairy farms, source green coffee from responsible farmers and acquire tea from the majestic mountains of Taiwan. Our philosophy extends into our food culture, where we create a modern intepretation of time proven recipes that originated in grandma's kitchen. Every aspect of our products is crafted in-house, utilizing traditional ingredients to challenge the food industry by not using additives, GMO or any artificial material that came from a science lab.

Honesty over hype

We want to create a space of conversation, where you can enjoy a cup of beverage that is farm direct and dine on food that was put together with our heart, honesty and integrity.


Made from equal parts honesty & love

From our local farms to your table. We are proud to utilize ingredients that are unaltered, simplistic and far from food labs.
Aroma Craft Coffee's menu is simple, worthwhile and true to our spirit.

Eye Candy

Made from our own hands, created from our hearts and served with honesty.

Our Thoughts

Aroma Craft Coffee is rooted in a mid-century Japanese-Taiwanese setting. Every aspect of our shop was transcended from our culture, from the vintage notebook collections, wall decor to the very gates that surround our roaster. Our home is reminsecent to our carefree childhood days that was always filled with wonder, suprise and curiosity. The root of Aroma Craft Coffee is to bring the community together for conversation, proud of our heritage and provide an interpretation of what we think a coffee shop should be about. Here's a look into our world.

Aroma Craft Coffee and Roastery - Mid Century Japanese Taiwanese decor

Aroma Craft Coffee Home

It takes one person to have a vison, but it takes a truly great team to make it a reality. Aroma Craft Coffee is humbled and honored to have such dedicated and talented staff. Each one of our members plays such a signifcant arm of our business.

Mid-century Japanese Taiwanese influence in the heart of Southern California


A two year project of collecting used metal gates from the 1960's-1970's, upcycled through a master iron smith and what is now showcased to enclosed our in-house coffee roaster.

Mid-century Japanese Taiwanese influence in the heart of Southern California


Vintage flat iront gates that line the streets of 1970's Taiwan are brought in store. Metal number plates are a common way to display a home's street address in Taiwan.

Specialty Coffee design cups

A cup of love

If the cups can talk, we've done them justice with what they can offer inside; a beverage that is made with raw ingredients and a taste of suprise.

Free Pour Latte Art

Free Pour-Latte Art

We at Aroma Craft Coffee don't chase 3D, 4D or even 5D latte arts. Our baristas uphold traditional values of free-pouring latte arts that showcase our understanding of milk texture, espresso theory and taste.

Micro Roaster,  Specialty Coffee in Walnut, California

In-House Micro Roastery

Small batch roasting is not a marketing term. Our coffee beans are roasted daily to stock our shelves and grinders.

Barista Ken of Aroma Craft Coffee in Walnut, California - Specialty Coffee


Some calls him the guy that makes really good drinks, while others know him for his ability to melt hearts. We call him, Ken.

Experienece Aroma Craft Coffee

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