Our Spirit


Aroma Craft Coffee believes in rediscovering the basics. We pride ourselves on crafting all of our products in-house and source green coffee from responsible and sustainable sources. Our space is built for lively conversations whether it’s with your best friends or newest friends. We believe in cultivating the genuine personal connections that are created in our home.

Types of Coffee

Come explore our exciting Aroma creations crafted in-house or indulge in a classic drink brewed to perfection

Bean Varieties

Our master roasters rotate our single origin selection based on seasonality and current trends

Pastry & Food

All of our delicious creations are thoughtfully presented using premium ingredients

Our Thoughts


Aroma Craft Coffee is rooted in a mid-century Taiwanese setting. Every aspect of our shop is inspired from our culture — from vintage notebook collections, wall decor, to the very gates that surround our roaster. Our home is reminiscent of carefree childhood memories filled with wonder, surprise, and curiosity. Aroma Craft Coffee strives to bring our community together for conversation and provide our interpretation of an ideal coffee shop experience.

Aroma Craft Home

Aroma Craft Coffee is humbled and honored to have such dedicated and talented staff. Each one of our members plays such a significant role in our business.

In House Micro Roastery

Small batch roasting is not just a marketing term for us. Our coffee beans are roasted daily to stock our shelves and grinders.


A two year project of collecting used metal gates from 1960s-1970s Taiwan, upcycled through a master iron smith and is now showcased enclosing our in house coffee roaster.

Free Pour Latte Art

Our baristas uphold traditional values of free-pouring latte art that showcase our understanding of milk texture, espresso theory, and taste.

Online Coffee Shop

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Our Sweet Gallery

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